Makalaan Hunting Safaris
is family owned and operated.
Makalaan Safaris is located in the game rich North-Eastern
part of Namibia close to the Bushmanland and Okavango area.
We are approximately a hundred kilometers North-East of Grootfontein.
    Your hosts, Antonie and Melinda Louw were both born in Namibia.
    Antonie grew up on Makalaan and has developed a love for the land
 and animals since childhood.
 Melinda's home cooked meals will be enjoyed every day
and you will be able to taste the game hunted by yourself!


With the help of the local tribes people we will give you a once in a lifetime hunting experience!

Our wide range of satisfied clients is proof to our success!


We conduct Bow- and Gun Safaris on seperate concession areas.
    Bow Hunting:      Bow hunting is conducted primarily on our own property which covers an area of 13 000 acres.
Although stalking is possible on some species, most bow hunting is done from blinds , overlooking water holes.
We have a total of seven blinds (three pit and four elevated) 
Blinds are very spacious which alow for observers as well as videoing of shots taken. (the good as well as the not so good ones)  Blinds accommodate traditional hunters as well.
    Gun Hunting:      Most gun hunting is done on seperate concessions. (family owned)
Gun hunting area covers an excess of 30 000 acres.
Hunting is done by spot and stalking. Shots are very seldom further than hundred yards!
Some species like; Mountain Zebra, Springbok and Black Wildebeest are hunted on seperate concessions in central Namibia.
  Contact Details
Namibia:  Antonie Louw - makalaan@gmail.com
USA contacts
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