Namibia's climate is typical of a semi - desert terrain.  Winter is from May to September with warm comfortable days and cool nights, sometimes below freezing.  Because Namibia's summer months can be very hot the most popular months for hunting safaris is from May to September.  The humidity is extremely low and it is very imported to be hydrated all the time during the hunt.


Lightweight cotton shirts and trousers in greens, browns and/or grey shades are recommended for gun hunters.  For Bowhunters, any dark colors are suitable and a face mask is advised. A jacket for the early mornings and evenings is necessary as well as a pair of well worn- in shoes. Three sets of clothing are enough for the safari since laundry is done every other day.


Hunters have the options of having their trophies dipped and packed in Namibia and then send to their Taxidermist of choice via airfreight or by boat or they can have their trophies mounted in Namibia.  We suggest Erongo Taxidermy for dipping  raw trophies as well as for taxidermy work.  We have established a long working relationship with Erongo Taxidermy.  You are welcome to contact them before your safari.  


Travel arrangements

We suggest to use a reputable travel agent who is up to date with the regulations regarding luggage/travel documents. We suggest Lori Ginn at Travel Express.  Lori has made the travel arrangements for most of our hunting clients and she is  a hunter herself who travels to Africa and Namibia on a regular basis with fire arms. 


Booking your Safari

Once we have decided on the date for your Hunting Safari we require a $1000 deposit to confirm the booking.  


Unfortunately travellers cheques  and foreign personal cheques are not accepted by our Banks in Namibia any more.  Payments can be made by direct deposits and /or cash. 

Contact Details
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